What does RoomerArt do?

RoomerArt is an intermediary for artists and art lovers alike. We organise exhibitions in conjunction with art galleries. We present the works of art and the artists at their very best, both during the exhibition itself and in special publications in the RoomerReeks series. We also publish limited editions of works by various artists. We would like to share our love of art with you.


Part 1 of RoomerReeks was published in mid-2015: a collection of works by the Iraqi artist Quraish. In his work, Quraish gives a new inspirational lease of life to ancient mosaics in the 5,000 year old temples of Babylon. Parts 2 and 3 of RoomerReeks will be published soon. Besides more works by Quraish, these will also include paintings by Ad Arma. Branding in Breukelen currently has a special exhibition of Quraish’s work.